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Concept to Completion

You have the perfect idea for a product sketched on a napkin or an engineering drawing but do not know how to get it to production

Fiber Pad, Inc. can help.

You have a part designed that requires elaborate attention to detail and needs the specialization of industry professionals

Fiber Pad, Inc. can help.

You are looking for a new supplier for your thermoformed parts, someone who can cut cost and maintain quality

Fiber Pad, Inc. can help.

Our engineering and programming departments are trained to help you realize your product from concept to completion, regardless of your starting point. Whether you have a simple sketch, a detailed engineering design page, or have a 3D CAD already developed, Fiber Pad, Inc. can quickly take you step-by-step through the development of your final part.

We follow these general process guidelines:

  1. Design Stage: You supply the design and Fiber Pad, Inc. generates 3D presentations for your approval. Once you approve the concept, mold engineering drawings are generated by Fiber Pad, Inc..

    Concept Sketch    Concept Drawing
  2. Prototyping Stage: If required, a prototype mold is generated and samples of the part are produced. R&D is completed at this stage to determine fit, form, and function.

    Concept CAD    Concept Mold
  3. Final Tooling Stage and Material Ordering: Precision aluminum tooling and all forming and trim fixtures are manufactured in-house. Custom extruded material is ordered.

  4. Production: Upon arrival of material, production commences. On the initial production run, set up procedures and machine registration are documented for repeatability on future orders.

    Concept Finished
  5. Shipping: Parts are shipped either in one lot or warehoused for releases to best meet your production requirements. Your product is delivered where and when you need it.

Let the experienced professionals at Fiber Pad, Inc. help you manage the development of your project. Contact us today to see how we turn your idea into a reality from concept to completion.

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